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BSA provides exceptional macroinvertebrate analyses at research quality, cost-effective standards for government and commercial clients. Each project we undertake is conducted in accordance with prescribed client standards for quality of services in a macroinvertebrate analysis.


Biological Assessment

Benthic macroinvertebrates are excellent biological indicators. Macroinvertebrates collected from aquatic systems are used to evaluate the health and characteristics of a body of water, thereby providing our clients with key ecological information necessary for making informed management decisions. To meet the biological integrity objectives of the Clean Water Act, the USEPA developed rapid bioassessment methods of water quality using macroinvertebrates.

Samples are identified according to the methods and procedures specified by the client or the indicated protocol. We can identify and enumerate aquatic insects, gastropods, amphipods, bivalves, leaches, oligochaetes and chironomidae larvae. All sample results are entered into our databases and reviewed for quality assurance. As an additional service, BSA prepares permanent slide mounts of macroinvertebrate samples using standard methods for development of client voucher collections.

Gut Analyses

BSA also identifies macroinvertebrates obtained from freshwater fish gut samples. These analyses are useful in exotic and invasive species monitoring and management, as well as in endangered species protection.



  • Macroinvertebrate analyses

  • Identification of macroinvertebrates obtained from freshwater fish gut samples 

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