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About Us

BSA Environmental Services, Inc. is an environmental consulting firm committed to providing high quality, cost-effective environmental services. Located in Beachwood, OH, we have served government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private clients for over 20 years. BSA's reputation for superior performance, customer service, and cost containment is well known to our clients.

Who We Are

BSA can respond swiftly to our client’s needs and provide the high level of detail and attention necessary to ensure quality solutions and realization of the client’s goals. BSA personnel possess advanced degrees in environmental science and engineering, biology, chemistry and microbiology, and have worked on environmental projects throughout the United States.


BSA maintains a multidisciplinary professional staff consisting of aquatic ecologists, microbiologists, and environmental scientists. We have extensive experience in aquatic biology, toxicology, limnology, environmental sciences, and biological statistics for both environmental and industrial applications. Our staff uses their knowledge, skills, and experience to address a wide range of environmental issues facing government, industry, and private citizens. BSA has worked at project sites ranging from small private ponds to large lakes, reservoirs, river, estuarine and marine ecosystems. BSA can help you develop and implement strategies, which promote the use and protection of aquatic resources.


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BSA’s laboratory is well stocked with aquatic microbiology sampling and processing equipment. We are fully capable of sub-sampling, processing, and archiving samples to meet our client’s specifications.


Our primary microscopical equipment includes research-grade compound microscopes (1260X total magnification), phase-contrast and epifluorescence; inverted microscopes with phase-contrast; and dissecting microscopes. In addition to our microscopes, BSA also is equipped with high resolution digital microscope cameras.


BSA has an extensive hard copy and digital reference library, which includes thousands of taxonomic references and keys. Our literature collection is continually expanding as new sources of information become available. In addition, BSA’s location allows immediate access to several university libraries.

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