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BSA currently performs algal analyses for numerous municipalities, including routine water quality monitoring of local water sources that provide drinking water. Many municipalities’ water services maintain robust watershed monitoring programs to insure safe and high-quality sources for their drinking water. Water quality issues arising upstream from a city’s drinking water treatment facilities may negatively impact water quality, including taste and odor, and the operational capacity of the drinking water treatment facility.

Knowledge of algal blooms, speciation of the bloom, and

presence of algal by-products is critical for efficiently operating the

treatment process to minimize any negative impacts to the quantity

or quality of drinking water distributed to municipality customers.

Municipality analyses include algal identification, pre-toxin algal screening, cyanobacteria ID and enumeration, and total algal ID to genus classification, enumeration, and biovolume estimation. Sample results can be provided within 24 to 48 hours following receipt of the samples.

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