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BSA Environmental Services was awarded

General Services Administration (GSA)

Environmental Services Contract No. GS-10F-0302S

on 15 June 2006. Our Environmental Services contract

includes work done under Special Item Number (SIN) 899-1,

Environmental Planning Services and Documentation.


The services that may be provided under SIN 899-1 are as follows: Environmental Planning Services & Documentation Services to include, but not limited to:


  • Environmental Assessments (EA) and Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA);

  • Endangered Species, Wetlands, Watersheds and other Natural Resource Management plans;

  • Archeological and/or Cultural Resource Management Plans;

  • Environmental Program Management and Environmental Regulation Development;

  • Economic, Technical and/or Risk Analysis; and,

  • Other environmentally related studies and/or consultations.


Homeland Security issues including vulnerability assessments, biochemical protection, identification of threats and protective measures to mitigate the threats and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) surveys.

The Federal Supply Schedule Price List for our GSA Schedule is available here or can be found at by searching our contract number, GS-10F-0302S. This document lists the services we provide under SIN 899-1 along with our labor categories and corresponding hourly rates.


BSA's GSA Schedule saves our clients time and money by simplifying the procurement process. Additionally, as always, the rates listed in our Federal Supply Schedule Price list are negotiable. Please contact us with any questions you may have about starting the GSA procurement process with BSA or services offered as environmental and NEPA consultants.


1. Individual orders may range from $100 to $5,000,000.


2. For orders up to $2,500 - Develop a Scope of Work (SOW) and have your procurement office place the order directly with BSA.


3. For orders over $2,500 but less than $1,000,000 -Develop a performance-based SOW, send a Request for Quote to at least three GSA contractors, evaluate quotes based on your best value criteria, and place the order with the selected contractor.

4. For orders over $1,000,000 - Follow the procedures as per #2 above but seek additional quotes and price reductions.

5. In order to further decrease costs, reduce paperwork, and save time, access BSA directly by establishing a Blanket Purchase Agreement. Contact BSA for details on this procedure.

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