BSA Environmental Services offers extensive experience in National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance support. As a leader in the NEPA consulting industry, BSA provides compliance with NEPA and the preparation of NEPA-support documents (e.g., Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Assessments, Environmental Baseline Surveys, Environmental Planning Guides and Environmental Condition of Property) for the environmental planning, design, construction, and operation of Federal facilities, various other types of related buildings, and infrastructural improvements.


BSA can respond swiftly to our client’s needs and provide the high level of detail and attention necessary to ensure quality solutions and realization of the client’s goals through compliance with NEPA. We are familiar with many agency’s NEPA-implementing regulations and Council of Environmental Quality (CEQ) guidance and guidelines.


The environmental consulting firm consists of a group of environmental professionals with diverse experience, training, and education, with a proven track record of providing a full range of environmental planning support services for Federal agencies, including DoD, DHHS, and DHS.


BSA was awarded General Services Administration (GSA) Environmental Services Contract No. GS-10F-0302S on 15 June 2006. Our Environmental Services contract includes work done under Special Item Number (SIN) 899-1, Environmental Planning Services and Documentation. For a description of the services provided under SIN 899-1 and instructions on how to hire BSA, please see our GSA Schedule page.

NEPA Process


As a NEPA consultant, BSA provides expert guidance through the NEPA process beginning with environmental considerations during the conceptual design and planning phase, preparation of the environmental analysis and report, interagency coordination, public notification and involvement, and ending with the public record of the findings and decision.

Biosafety Level Laboratories


BSA offers highly specialized and successful experience in providing NEPA and NEPA-support documents related to the design, construction, and/or operation of biomedical and biodefense laboratory facilities, including biosafety level (BSL) laboratories. BSA has successfully completed 23 publicly reviewed NEPA documents for the construction and/or operation of BSL-3, ABSL-3, and BSL-4 facilities and vivaria for biomedical and biodefense research, on schedule, on or under budget, and without major change to the Government’s Proposed Action.


Public Affairs Plans


In addition, BSA has successfully designed and implemented Public Affairs Plans in compliance with the NEPA EIS process. Coordination of the public scoping and comment meetings include public notification, location scheduling and preparation, presentation design, meeting transcription, and public record of the meeting proceedings.


The public meetings have been forecasted, defined, publicized, scripted, rehearsed, logistically arranged and well managed by BSA. Additionally, coordination by BSA has ensured that all public comments have been addressed fully and completely.

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● Design and Implementation of Public Affairs Plans

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