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BSA provides exceptional phytoplankton and periphyton analyses at research quality, cost-effective standards for government and commercial clients. Each project we undertake is conducted in accordance with prescribed client standards for quality of services.

Algal species assemblages are excellent indicators of water body health. One initial sign of water quality degradation is a shift in algal abundance and species composition. Algae in both the phytoplankton and the periphyton quickly respond to anthropogenic changes in water quality.

Based on known effects of water quality on algal communities in lakes and streams the USEPA developed periphyton-based rapid bioassessment methods for water quality. These assessments are based on taxonomic identification of periphyton species, biomass as determined from measurements of chlorophyll a and ash-free dry mass of samples, and analysis using other standard water quality indices.

Different types of algae

BSA provides expert-level phytoplankton and periphyton analysis of samples using these USEPA methods or other standard methods, as our clients require.

Undesirable species, nuisance, and invasive species (exotics), may have significant negative economic, social and ecological impacts. BSA provides identification, enumeration, and biovolume measurements of invasive species such as the invasive diatom Didymosphenia geminata and nuisance and noxious algae such as Anabaena circinalis, Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, and Microcystis aeruginosa. Data obtained from these analyses are used to effectively monitor and manage exotic and nuisance species, which is necessary to maintain satisfactory water quality conditions and preserve native populations.

BSA provides high quality, cost-effective aquatic analyses and services to government and commercial clients. Each project we undertake is conducted in accordance with client standards.

Types of Algae

Algae also show potential in several biotechnology fields, including bioremediation, carbon sequestration, and biofuel production. BSA can aid clients in their efforts to expand algal uses by providing accurate identifications of experimental algal communities.

BSA will provide your organization with accurate and timely algal identifications with our phytoplankton analysis and periphyton analysis of samples collected using various techniques. In addition to identification services, BSA offers:

  • Client’s choice of Utermöhl, filtration, or wet mount counting techniques
  • Permanent Slides- Including HPMA, TSM, and Naphrax mounting methods
  • Monitoring of problematic taste and odor producing algae
  • Epifluorescence microscopy
  • Cyanotoxin analysis
  • Larval fish gut algal analysis
  • Biomass from chlorophyll a analyses / ash-free dry weight
  • Biovolume analyses
  • Statistical analysis
  • Water quality and biodiversity indices calculations

Voucher collections of algal specimens are developed with permanent slides of aquatic samples, which are mounted using the client’s choice of standard techniques.

Various types of algae.

BSA will provide you with superior phytoplankton analysis and periphyton analysis of your samples.

Express services are available upon request.

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